Our mission

Helping you work on your business. Not in your business

Our mission is to help you grow and pilot your business
while still being that devoted and passionate host

Ground up innovation

All our products are based on years of experience and aim to integrate seamlessly in your operations


Easy and comprehensive UI so that even the less tech savy of your team members can perform

Fair pricing

We try to bring your best value for money, The leaner your company is, the more profitable you become.

Our mission

We are here to help you work on your business. Not in your business

Your listings have a PMS. You have us.

Our story

From innovative Host to disruptive tech entrepreneurs

Years as a Pro Host
Direct bookings
Portfolio acquisitions
Self funded

Hospitality : "Generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests"

Being a host is about providing a space for great guests experiences, for family vacationsm or life changing deals. You make sure that your guests feel welcomed, cared for, and valued. Being a host is about meeting new people, new cultures, sometimes creating lifelong relationships. Being a host is about loving humans. That's why they become successful.

As a successful host, you become very quickly an overwhelmed business owner with all the great and the hassle that comes with it. As passionate hosts and business owners, our mission at Maveriks is to empower professional hosts with advanced technology so they can keep growing their business while technology is lifting the time-consuming & fastidious work behind the scene.

100% bootstrapped, we are tech-driven hosts doing disruptive technology for hosts. We do not believe in the run for rocket growth. We believe in shaping great products with the help and insights of our users. We are for the long run. Join us for the ride.

Rudy Abrahami
"The host"

Founded and leads HolyGuest since 2013, became the largest property management company through a technology driven approach. When he is not shaping new products, Rudy spends time with his twin boys, wife a young daughter around Tel Aviv's beach.

Lior Mizrachi
"The code"

Lior has an extensive experience in coding agile, and solid code. When he is not reviewing code and merge requests, Lior flies his kite in the meditterean waves.