Your listings have a PMS. Your business has Maveriks

Technology that helps you pilot and grow your rental business.

Why Maveriks ?

Tech tools to help you work ON your business

Being a business owner doesn't stop at operating your business

Introducing Shine

Your direct booking website. With a brain

Because your business revenues shouldn't rely on someone else's traffic

Introducing Pulse

Accounting, Finances and cashflow management

Because staying on top of your finances is not an option.

Introducing Cockpit

All your systems.
One data center

Because understanding your own data, shouldn't require an IT degree

Introducing Homeez

Owner experience. Enhanced

Because your owners deserve a 5* experience

While we have truly great technology out there, our tech landscape is mainly focused on distribution, operations or guests. Our mission is to create comprehensive host-centric tools to help you pilot and grow your rental business.

Rudy Abrahami

CEO & Co-Founder @ Maveriks


Actually, It's up to you

The sooner you join, the less you pay.

Limited space

Early release

A stable release to a small group of innovative managers who voluntarily try the software in an early stage to provide active feedback and directions. Innovators make up a very small percentage of the overall users and enjoy a significant discount.

Permanent discount on involved modules
Active feedback
Design & features consultation
Beta testing
Early release
Price per module
per listing / mo
Modules currently available in Early versions :
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Intermediary release

Intermediary release

You  wait for the technology to show first results before adopting it. You are ok to pay slightly more, but for a more advanced product.

Modules may contain significant new features but are not the final version yet. These intermediary versions can be used for additional testing and to gather feedback from a wider user base.

-25% discount on involved modules
Active feedback
Dedicated support
Early release
Price per module
per listing / mo
Expected in Q1'24
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Advanced releases

You are looking for technology only after it's widely adopted and adapted. Products results have been widely proven.

The Advanced version is the final, polished version that is ready for a public  release. It has undergone extensive testing, bug fixing, and refinement and has major advanced features.

Advanced release
Price per module
per listing / mo
Expected in Q3 '24
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